Outdoor Marketing

MARKETING is all about leveraging marketing value at an existing event or a specifically designed event is   imperative to a successful marketing campaign, Vegas Big Screen Events aim to maximize clients ROI via multidimensional marketing means, utilizing effective and prominent mediums.

With many advertising campaigns now getting lost in the noise of stagnant promotional and advertising trends, it’s crucial that your marketing approach has a point of difference, which makes an effective and lasting impression with your target audience.

Vegas Big Screen Events offers many unique experiential marketing avenues through our products.

The inflatable screens packages are offered alongside creatively applied sound schemes. We help promote not only the medium of interactive screen promotion, but also unique signage opportunity as well as branding and naming capabilities.

Inflatable screen promotions create environments that excite and engage audiences via on-screen video promotions and branding potential to ensure impact.

Advertising opportunities are vast and varying depending on event specifics. Vegas Big Screen Events always has a range of tours and events with opportunities to heighten awareness of your brand.

  • Event naming rights
  • Around screen advertising
  • On screen advertising
  • Ticketing association
  • Inflatable billboard advertising

Vegas Big Screen Events screens to entertain crowds of any size.

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